ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1141533 06/18/22 Necklace Gold chain with stones and attached gold coin 06/18/2022 At Security check
1141512 06/17/22 Other Grey neck pillow that fits around the neck 06/05/2022 American Airlines terminal
1141507 06/17/22 Identification Hawaii state drivers licenses 06/17/2022 Jet blue terminal 5
1141488 06/16/22 Suitcase I missed my connection flight from JFK to Incheon/Seoul on 6/13/2022. The flight was OZ 221 with Asiana Airlines which departed at 12:55 PM on 6/13/2022. I would like to know how I can retrieve my luggage. Thanks, Madeline 06/13/2022 Missed my connection flight...
1141478 06/16/22 Clothing Hand luggage trolly bag small with clothing .. lost in terminal 5 pick up area between door 3 and 4 .. Grey color bag .. highlighted in green in the pic 06/15/2022 Jfk terminal 5 between door 3...
1141477 06/16/22 Laptop A ASUS laptop, model u3000u, SN H4N0WU168902179 in a black laptop sleeve. 06/15/2022 Terminal 1 security check in
1141457 06/15/22 Clothing Two hats in a plastic shopping bag left in Terminal 8 food court. 06/15/2022 Terminal 8 food cart
1141451 06/15/22 Identification NEW YORK STATE Driver License Carson Willo Rey 06/14/2022 JFK Terminal 5 between...
1141432 06/14/22 Suitcase The silver carryone was put checked in from the flight DL159 BARC to NYC - Kennedy Airport between a purple baggage marked Reina Blean (the baggage marked Reina Blean is destined to LAX). Inside contains 6 tshirt, which are from bands. They are as follows: my bloody valentine, Weyes Blood, Tyler the Creator, and JPEGMAFIA. There is also a pair of blue and gray shorts along with a dress shirt, tie, and pants. 06/13/2022 Baggage Check