ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1096872 12/16/18 Bracelet Cape cod silver round bracelet with gold ball that is used to close it 12/04/2018 TSA precheck line
1096868 12/16/18 Other Black jacket, women, lost at gate 9 in Terminal 1. It was hanging on the metal rails of the bar, on Friday 11pm, december 14th. 12/16/2018 New York, NY
1096867 12/16/18 Bag A Burberry bag with a wrapped scarf and a pack of snack inside. I forgot it at the charging spot near gate 6, when it was boarding time for flight to Taipei at 00:20 12/16/2018
1096865 12/16/18 Wallet Hello I have lost my Burberry wallet at the JFK airport. It was a beige colored Burberry checked wallet. It had all my credit cards and wallets 12/14/2018 Terminal 4
1096855 12/16/18 Laptop Silver macbook air left on chair post securoty in terminal 4 JFK. 12/16/2018 Chair post security JFK...
1096844 12/16/18 Laptop Acer Predator, the laptop is in black back with handles 12/16/2018
1096840 12/16/18 Mobile / Cell Phone black iphone. Verizon 8+. lost on flight 780 coming in from montego bay to jfk 12/15/2018 660 e 81 street brooklyn...
1096827 12/15/18 Laptop I had a flight this afternoon (12/15) at 2 pm. Went through the security that entered C gate for delta. My bins were separated and my MacBook Pro with a pink hard case cover got left in the security bin. 12/15/2018 Memphis
1096814 12/15/18 Bag Black garment bag left on Delta flight. Brand American Tourister The bag has an orange interior. The bag has bright yellow duct tape with the letter H printed on, wrapped around the handle of the bag. The contents include several jackets of various colors. 12/08/2018 Left on flight Delta flight...