ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1090076 5 hours 49 min ago Tablet Around 10:00 am on 7/17 I left an IPad at JFK security in Terminal 5. A link to the case that it was in is attached. It is a second generation Ipad, with the old charging port. The background on the Ipad is a boat yard. 07/18/2018 JFK Terminal 5 Security
1090064 07/17/18 Mobile / Cell Phone iPhone 7s with black and red cover (metal and plastic). Left charging at bar AeroNova. 07/14/2018 Puerto Rico
1090052 07/17/18 Laptop I left my mac laptop in security. This is a department of education laptop. On the top the laptop it states department of education/ 07/09/2018
1090048 07/17/18 Bag Black Adidas carry-on bag with a zipper located at the top contains Red Guess Slippers, Tiolet bag, Wells Fargo Account Opening Documents, clothing and other personal items 07/16/2018 Lost at 6.20pm at Restaurant...
1090047 07/17/18 Electronics Hp spectre dark Ash laptop 13 inch in a black case 07/16/2018 Terminal 4 gate no. A2
1090045 07/17/18 Jewellery A small black Wacoal brand pouch with white polka dots and a pink zipper. Inside, there are a number of jewelry items in two smaller bags - one tiny clear one and one cloth pouch. There is also a wrapped souvenir inside. I was on flight TP209 from Lisbon to Portugal, in row 16 (seat 16E) and I am afraid it may have fallen out on the plane. Please let me know ASAP if this item is found as it has many items inside that are very important to me. Thank you so much. 07/16/2018 New York, NY
1089989 07/16/18 Bank Card (Credit, Debit) Frost Bank Debit Card belonging to Alexandra N Prado. Believe to be left at O’Neal’s. 07/16/2018 O’Neal’s, Terminal 8
1089981 07/16/18 Mobile / Cell Phone I left my cell phone and a black charger outside of gate 26 in terminal five. It is on a charging stand. I left it there at 6 PM today 07/16/2018 Terminal 5 gate 26
1089978 07/15/18 Passport Brazilian passport with America Visa Name Lucia Carolina Locher de Athayde Moraes 07/15/2018 JFK Airport terminal 8