ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1159273 06/21/24 Mobile / Cell Phone black cell phone make and model Honor x9b. has a boost mobile sim card. 06/20/2024 security check point
1159254 06/20/24 Mobile / Cell Phone iPhone 14 128GB, grey, in a black 'UAG' cover Left in AA/BA lounge, 4th floor; Terminal 8; at 22:00 Sunday 16 June 2024 06/16/2024 232 Weltevreden Road;...
1159216 06/18/24 Bag My husband James Smith took the Norse airline flight NO302 out of JFK this morning 12.30 (Tuesday 18th ) He left his beige Away carry on bag in the terminal, either at security or in the lounge Please can someone let me know if it has been found and how I can arrange collection from the terminal. I am able to identify the bag through its contents and any other information you may require. 06/18/2024 JFK terminal 7 security
1159162 06/15/24 Mobile / Cell Phone Samsung A23 5G, black in black case. Lost in Terminal 8 around gate 37, around 7:30am. It has a pop message to call my cell at 512... 06/15/2024 JFK, Terminal 8.
1159072 06/12/24 Other The lost item is a blue cello bow case, brand Artino. Inside there is a light grey fabric protective sleeve. Inside is a full length cello bow. It is wooden with traditional horse hair. The bow case is approximately 2.5 feet in length and 2 inches across. 06/10/2024 TSA checkpoint Terminal 1
1158998 06/09/24 Laptop 6am this morning. left macbook air and iPad pro (in black case with keyboard. left in tray at security 06/09/2024 T5 security in tray
1158804 06/04/24 Wallet Light aqua with a pink inside. Small pink feather on the close button I left it at gate B11 in one of the chairs close to where you can plug in your phone for charging. My drivers license , $175 in uero, bank debt card & 4 credit cards No one has tried to use the credit cards so hopefully it was turned into lost & found 06/03/2024 Gate B11- American Airllines
1158587 05/26/24 Clothing ROBERT Graham jacket blue on a black bag 05/24/2024 JfK airport
1158579 05/26/24 Bag Small black Patagonia fanny pack with passport inside. 05/25/2024 Terminal 7, Gate 7