ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1123234 03/28/20 Bag A black bag, with some Japanese food, packed clothes, 2 towels(brown and blue), face washers inside. I probably lost it at the inspection. 03/27/2020 Inspection
1123164 03/26/20 Bag see the picture for bag description please The bag has the transportation sticker: from Havanna via Mexico (flight no AM454) to JFK New York (flight no AM402) at the 22 of March. The bar code no: 0139 AM 001458 operated by Aeromexico There is yellow inspectionade sticker on it as well. Its number is 3060587 H 03/22/2020 JFK Airport luggage belt
1123142 03/25/20 Passport I think I left it in the check in gate, I flew out on Friday Jet Blue terminal. My name is Kristy Lynn Rotonde 03/25/2020
1123129 03/24/20 Passport I lost my passport on an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to JFK 03/15/2020 JFK Terminal 5
1123072 03/22/20 Wallet Wallet was lost during journey from JFK to Rome Fiumicino. The item could have been misplaced either inside JFK, on the plane, or inside Rome Fiumicino airport. 03/21/2020 Brescia, Italy
1123048 03/21/20 Bag Black Rawlings drawstring bag with a baseball glove and sunglasses inside 02/25/2020 Glen Head,NY
1123032 03/21/20 Other Skateboard without wheels 03/15/2020 On flight DL1162
1122951 03/18/20 Laptop I left a laptop with a R. mutt sticker at the front yesterday at the TSA security check around 7 pm 03/17/2020 TSA
1122919 03/17/20 Clothing Belt (about 32") with western buckle...sentimental value. Silver buckle is studded with small turquoise stones, unusual design (probably Hopi from the 1960s). I removed it to go through security, put it in my bag, and must have lost it somewhere between security and the gate. 03/12/2020 Terminal 5, somewhere between...