ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1141869 06/29/22 Clothing Large scarf or piece of cloth. Dominant colors are purple and burgundy with blue and green, some stripes, small yellow geometric shapes kind of like the shape of trees. Probably the cloth is from India. Was a gift from a friend. 06/29/2022 Due Amici bar, Terminal 2 JFK
1141863 06/29/22 Laptop Black Computer Bag with Laptop and a lot of cableware, adapter inside. Bag has lot of scratches from my cat. Laptop is Lenovo Yoga. 06/28/2022 Switzerland
1141837 06/28/22 Bag Brown/tan CARHART Fanny pack. Contents: prescription glasses, BOSE earbuds, medication, money, miscellaneous items. Arrived on Delta flight #DL0324 from Los Angeles @ 4:20pm. Fanny pack was left in a luggage cart at pickup area “B” outside of baggage claim area. A limo picked us up at “B” and the bag was left in the front portion of the cart. 06/28/2022 Dominick Hotel / SOHO
1141811 06/28/22 Identification Hi- I have lost my Green Card in JFK on June 15, 2021. I would be grateful to know if it has been found 06/15/2021 In JFK as I was leaving on a...
1141781 06/27/22 Suitcase Hi our suitcase TK 485920 never came through its a large size black suitcase. We started our journey in Athens Greece on the 25th then connected to Istanbul and arrived at JFK on the 25th. 06/25/2022 JFK
1141742 06/26/22 Bag I lost a backpack at Terminal #2 Name: Thomas Dao Terminal #2 Detail: a backpack (black and red) Brand: Swiss with a small (+) logo like the Red Cross (reversed red) A small compartment in front, on Top, there is my CA DRIVER LICENSE with my name on it. named (THOMAS DAO) inside. Please call me ASAP. 06/24/2022 lost it Some where in...
1141739 06/26/22 Wallet I lost two wallets travel pouches for neck carrying just after security control checking door 8 or towards toilets before boarding to France. One is in leather colour grey and the other one is in tissue with a brown colour. Both are for neck carrying with laces around neck. French and dollar money were inside. Many thanks for any help. Janine PARTRAT 06/25/2022 Security control checking
1141736 06/26/22 Suitcase Hi I lost a Delsey large green hard-shell suitcase with my belongings on June 15 when I arrived from Warsaw to JFK terminal 7. 06/15/2022 Terminal 7
1141731 06/26/22 Other Duty Free bag. (cosmetic is wrapped in vinyl) 06/25/2022 under the Seat number 49 G or...