ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1153781 09/27/23 Tablet Black/Space Gray iPad 12 Pro Black case on the back Black folding case over the front (that turns into an attachable keyboard when opened) Small white sticker on the back of the iPad with model, serial and ADPE number on it 09/22/2023 Aer Lingus Flight EI111 from...
1153760 09/26/23 Tablet iPad Air 2 crack in screen 09/24/2023 Coining through security
1153710 09/23/23 Camera It is a Sony camera(a7m4) almost at the security checkpoint. Color black. 09/21/2023 Security checkpoints
1153693 09/22/23 Identification Birth Certificate of my son Joseph Aaron Gorodnitskiy. Long form. Color blue. Original. Date of birth 08/31/2005. Mother Natalia Lavrentiev. Father Gennadiy Gorodnitskiy. Flight 146 JFK-TLV Americal Airlines. Date 08/27/2023. Departure from JFK 23.20. Item was lost U.S. Customs. 08/27/2023 Terminal 8
1153663 09/20/23 Laptop Asus zen book laptop blueish colour in a greyish cover left somewhere around gate 2 in terminal 7 09/19/2023 Terminal 7 close to gate 2
1153657 09/20/23 Clothing Pink jeans jacket It can be also 09/02/23 Our plane departed at 12am Turkish airline 09/01/2023 New York
1153644 09/19/23 Wallet Dark blu wallet containing: - 2 credit cards - driving license - identity card - sanitary card - 60 euros 09/18/2023 On the airplane, close to...
1153626 09/18/23 Other a 5x7 whit case with pink initial M with on phone accessories inside and a tracker. Tracker shows still at JFK airport. image shows tracker information 08/19/2023 terminal 7
1153593 09/17/23 Clothing Bruno Cucinelli black linen blazer 09/15/2023 TSA security scanner bin