ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1140787 05/23/22 Bag RED child backpack. The brand is REi. Inside is a orange octopus plush, red plush dragon, and a black binoculars. In the front pocket a blue child glasses. And right side hand is a zippy cup of sharks. We departure from JFK. Around 1:30 pm 05/20/2022 to Orlando. Gate 19. we were by TSA and before the X-ray machine I had the red backpack. After the machine, I didn’t see it. 05/20/2022 JFK
1140766 05/22/22 Tablet I lost an iPad with a black rubber case. Serial number is DMPXN3ESHP50. I believe I left it at Terminal 8 Gate 40 between 2:45 and 3:30 PM on Sunday 5/15 before my flight. I flew out AA0532 from JFK to ORD. 05/15/2022 Terminal 8 Gate 40
1140763 05/22/22 Bank Card (Credit, Debit) Lost Louis Vuitton wallet: Driver's license, Credit Card, Etc. 05/19/2022 JFK Terminal 8 AA
1140759 05/22/22 Keys Key set with 2 car keys, Nissan and Honda, 2 house keys and 1 mail box key 05/21/2022 JFK INTL AIRPORT Terminal 2...
1140747 05/22/22 Electronics A grey MacBook Pro and an iPad with black cover. 05/21/2022
1140717 05/21/22 Bag Large blackish grey carbon fiber TUMI bag. Has no airline tag. Has a contact tag that says: Othman Almofadhi +966 55 052 2433. Not locked. Full of clothes. 05/11/2022 After bag was checked-in via...
1140677 05/19/22 Bag Blue speedo duffle bag was dropped off at baggage claim and i missed my flight and spoke with the reps at the airport and said i would hear within 5-7 days in regards to my bag 05/05/2022 Delta Check in at JFK
1140667 05/19/22 Electronics I lost two things: One a thinkpad black laptop and iPad in a gray case with keyboard. In the same bin. 05/18/2022 Jfk terminal 2
1140615 05/17/22 Passport Lost passport 03/18/2022 unknown