ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1127085 10/05/20 Laptop Make HP Colour BLACK 09/30/2020 T4 at securitu check point
1127060 10/04/20 Legal Documents / Papers I lost my green card 09/30/2020 Terminal 4 arriving
1126974 09/30/20 Tablet iPad mini, blue and white elephant case. I have passcode to unlock 09/24/2020
1126919 09/27/20 Cash I was on ANA’s flight NH0010 which departed Narita (NRT), Japan on August 16th and arrived at JFK (Terminal 7) at 4:35 PM on August 16th. I have recently found that I left my cash in the cabin, and ANA has told me to contact JFK directly. The cash (I think I had about $6000 - $7000) is wrapped in paper, and I think I left it on the seat next to mine (30K). I would really appreciate it if you could find it for me. 08/16/2020 JFK Terminal 7
1126899 09/26/20 Wallet Cloth, red/orange wallet about the size of an iPhone Irreplaceable (monetary and sentimental value) Contains 2 credit cards, 1 Hong Kong Octopus Card, cash (Hong Kong dollars), Hong Kong ID card and 1 Renova Zero 09/26/2020 Between Terminal 8 and...
1126820 09/21/20 Clothing Duty free bag with Maxmara sweater and duty free staff ( chocolate and more) Approximately $300 09/15/2020 Aeroflot plane SU-102
1126803 09/20/20 Laptop Acer Laptop was left at a security checkpoint. Lap top was Wrapped in stick on plastic to protect from scratching. 09/18/2020 JFK
1126777 09/19/20 Book Small black bound journal Name inside: Erin Eisner VERY SENTIMENTAL!! 09/17/2020 Left on the plane
1126724 09/16/20 Laptop The laptop (Lenovo model 720s-14IKB) in silver was left on flight EI 105 in JFK Airport in seat 23K in the front storage compartment on 27/08/2020. The laptop has 2 pieces of paper in it 08/27/2020 flight EI 105 in JFK Airport...