ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1129919 03/04/21 Identification Alien Residence Card (Green Card) lost at Terminal or possibly walking through gangway. 03/04/2021 Terminal 5 Jet Blue
1129916 03/03/21 Identification CA state drivers license 02/24/2021 Not sure. Maybe JetBlue...
1129902 03/03/21 Eyeglasses Clear frame Michael kors brand prescription eyeglasses. Left in terminal 5 by either gate 17 around 2pm-4pm or at the last store to the left if you’re walking away from the gate. For the love of god I need my glasses back. I’m blind 03/03/2021 Terminal 5-around gate 17 or...
1129888 03/01/21 Cash It’s was 2050$ in envelope inside my diaper bag, I came inside terminal 1 around 10:10 pm with my friend and my 2 month old baby son. Money was in envelop with all my documents and with other envelope, which was my sons money. After check point, officers check my diaper bag because I had baby formula in it and then when I had my bad back I checked and envelop with 2050$ cash was missing. I would like to ask to check all cameras from the entrance. 02/26/2021
1129849 02/27/21 Tablet Ipad Air 2 with a dark pink case with gold crown case covering it. It may have three young children on lock screen. I placed it in “lost mode” with my phone number for contact. Please contact me. There are irreplaceable photos on it. 02/20/2021 Jet Blue Terminal 1
1129844 02/27/21 Clothing Large Gucci shoes box 02/26/2021 Hartford Connecticut
1129774 02/24/21 Eyeglasses Thick black frame in soft case 02/23/2021 T4, gate B48
1129768 02/24/21 Keys Set of a car key with remote start with attached apartment and mailbox key 02/19/2021 Terminal 1
1129754 02/23/21 Case Small blue bag with high quality costume jewelry: earrings, bangle bracelet, pendents, chains. Terminal 5–Hawaiian Airlines. 02/03/2021 Terminal 5