ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1140977 05/30/22 Tablet iPad - black/silver with black folding cover and keyboard. Wave/ocean water background. 05/29/2022 Delta Lounge - Term. 4
1140972 05/30/22 Tablet I left my iPad and iPencil at the TSA security check point on Saturday night. I was boarding BA116. I left it in the gray plastic bin. 05/28/2022 Security check,
1140964 05/30/22 Keys Honda CRV Remote, two fobs (one grey one darker). two large keys one small mailbox key. 05/23/2022 Security
1140937 05/28/22 Passport American passport 05/19/2022 State college, pa
1140926 05/28/22 Bag Black Samsonite Carry on. Size in cabin transatlantic flight. Inside clothing and an I phone 13 - metallic blue and transparent case. My dad sent a message asking to call if found. Using find my phone lovated near Tuscany Cafe or Taco John's/ Please call (347) 260 1580/ 05/27/2022 Terminal 1 after security to...
1140909 05/27/22 Toy Stuffed white brown and black cat forgotten on board AF 016 at seat 10D upon arrival on wednesday may 25th. 05/25/2022 On board AF016 sénat 10D
1140870 05/26/22 Passport United States passport that was probably dropped at security or gate 34. 05/26/2022 Terminal 8 pre-check security...
1140806 05/24/22 Laptop Silver macbook pro lost at terminal 1 on 5/20/2022 05/20/2022 Security belt at terminal 1
1140804 05/24/22 Suitcase I didn't get my Silver Rimowa, large, aluminium with red handles, quite new, delivered. Inside is a Chanel Handbag and some clothes (Nike Shoes and Sportdress). I flew with Swiss LX 2156 on the 22th of May to PMI via ZHR and checked it in, it never arrived at my final destination (PMI). 05/22/2022 Palma de Mallorca