ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location
1064307 12/04/15 Laptop HP black laptop left at Terminal 8 security checkpoint at 5.30pm on Dec 3, 2015. Inside is the log on details for my Skype account in the name of leonarddavidthailand 12/03/2015 Security checkpoint Terminal 8
1064306 12/04/15 Camera An old 35 mm Canon AF camera in a black camera bag with a long strap. In the front pocket was a couple of film rolls, unused, which would be 800ASA and B&W film. 11/25/2015 On the return Delta flight...
1064305 12/03/15 Identification Pennsylvania ID Cody orrell 12/03/2015 brooklyn
1064304 12/03/15 Identification I lost my drivers license. 11/29/2015 Jfk check in near Jet Blue
1064302 12/03/15 Eyeglasses Blue plastic designer frames left either on airtrain or at T1 station or T2 station. Reward available for return. 12/02/2015 Rockaway Park
1064301 12/03/15 Electronics iPhone 5 in a blue and wood grain case. The phone number to the phone is 412-290-8793. 11/30/2015 Delta Sky Club either by B...
1064298 12/03/15 Keys purple brownish keyring 12/01/2015
1064297 12/03/15 Bag black and gold 12/01/2015
1064296 12/03/15 Tablet Ipad, older generation, passcode, no cover, default wallpaper, left in storage in front of seat 12/02/2015