ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location
1064158 11/21/15 Laptop MacBook Air in lime green polypropylene case with blue trim around zipper 11/18/2015 Left in bin at security...
1064156 11/21/15 Mobile / Cell Phone Iphone 6 silver in brown case left at seat flight AA75 from ZRH to JFK 11/18/2015 left at seat 30J in plane
1064154 11/21/15 Other Green Card 11/18/2015
1064152 11/21/15 Electronics I lost my External HD Brand WD. I don't know where. If you found it, please contact me 11/01/2015
1064151 11/21/15 Bag Samsonite black backpack 11/21/2015 Delta terminal 5 drop off
1064149 11/21/15 Bag black duffel bag 11/12/2015 Delta baggage check area
1064148 11/21/15 Keys keychain with a single key on it, along with a silver heartshaped bottle opener and a black clip. 11/04/2015 security check point grey...
1064147 11/21/15 Electronics Eletronic pen for Surface Pro3 tablet (silver grey) 11/17/2015 from gate 32 to 35
1064145 11/21/15 Clothing Blue Zara jacket 11/11/2015 On aircraft flight DY7015...