ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1072379 02/07/17 Other Ipad left in the cart at passenger pick up point C 02/06/2017 Passenger pick up point C
1132297 06/26/21 Other It’s a painting of zebras that I got from Africa. It’s wrapped in brown paper in order to keep it protected and is a long cylinder shape. 06/10/2021 TSA Pre-Check Line
1133071 07/25/21 Other Gold bag with two big letters HL There were pillows inside for the neck, Blanton's shoes for kids, mobile phone and red small bag of duty free with packages of tobacco and honey whiskey, was inside reception with our details, flight number and passport number 07/21/2021
1134637 09/21/21 Other Little woman's Tissot watch with red leather band. 06/26/2021 Bridgeport, CT
1137440 01/09/22 Other There were 3 bottles of wine in a sealed clear dutyfree bag. One of the wines came in a box, the other two were just bottles There was also a receipt in the back in French with the cost of around 120 euros. The wine was purchased in the duty free of the Paris airport. This is stated in the receipt. 01/07/2022 Terminal 8
1076841 08/03/17 Other A small black nylon crossbody bag with the brand ellesse. A iPhone 6 in a black cover with a emoji smiley on the bag A iPad mini in a black leather case Sony headphones 08/16/2017 Current location Copenhagen
1142042 07/06/22 Other Lost luggage, 28" tall, hard shell, Lite blue, Brand LUCAS 07/04/2022 ITA AIRLINE
1143779 09/02/22 Other HP silver laptop computer 09/02/2022 JFK terminal 8 at security...
1080597 11/08/17 Other Hello, how're you , I caught a flight from Terminal 1 (Brussel SN502 ) yesterday. Somewhere on the transfer to Brussel I realized I lost a teddy which has a lot of meaning to me. It is a Muppet Puppet 'Super Grover" and wondering if it got lost maybe at the TSA at the time I passed it was really busy. 11/07/2017 Hamburg, Germany