ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location
1064256 11/30/15 Passport Passport, yellow fever card and other ids inside a female wallet size pouch. Pouch is a dark zebra skin colour 11/24/2015 airport arrivals or curbside
1064257 11/30/15 Headphones Yesterday (Nov.29) I flew with JetBlue around 2pm from New York to Tampa at Gate 16 and left my brown MUJI bag in the JFK airport (either women's restroom or the seat near the gate 16). There were one white Bose headphones and one blue and white travel pillow in it. They are important to me. Please let me know if anyone found it. My contact number is 9174779158 or the email [email protected]. Thank you so much! I appreciate your help! Wei Chen 11/29/2015 New York
1064258 11/30/15 Tablet Ipad Air 2 64 Gb Serial # DLXQ94JMGSVW, lost after crossing the security check in Terminal 1, lost at a bench after crossing the x ray machines 11/29/2015 Massachusetts
1064259 11/30/15 Clothing Bought a black and white nyc too from Hudson and left it near there by mistake. Receipt should be inside for validation and it was $29.99. Near delta b27 11/29/2015
1064260 11/30/15 Bag Lost a small shopping bag containing a few shopping items - shower gel, sennheiser headset and some chocolates. They were awaited presents for my son, so would appreciate the finder to notify me! Thank you! 11/30/2015 Stamford
1064261 11/30/15 E-book reader (Nook, Kindle...) iPad mini and Kindle missing may be left in seat back pocket The Kindle will say Jeff's second Kindle when turned on Flight was from JFK to SLC #DL428 on Nov 22, 2015 departed at 7 am seat 26E 11/22/2015 Delta terminal
1064262 12/01/15 Mobile / Cell Phone Samsung galaxy note 2. With black flip cover. Lost in the C70/C69 area. 11/30/2015 Gate C70/C69 area. Terminal 2
1064263 12/01/15 Bracelet Lost pandora bracelet on terminal 5, it is very important to me. 12/01/2015 Pennsylvania
1064264 12/01/15 Wallet I lost my wallet on Norwegian airline Flight DY7011 on November 30th from Copenhagen to NYC. Actually a card case with several cards in it. 11/30/2015 On the airplane-Flight DY7011