ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1145399 10/26/22 Laptop HP 14" laptop with a outer space view of earth sticker with the name "Micah Buckley" on it. In a gray and navy blue trimmed laptop sleeve case with "*speck" on the zipper pulls. Blue plastic key board cover over the keyboard. 10/24/2022 Terminal 1 security area
1145464 10/26/22 Suitcase Grey Samsonite suitcase, it was checked in by Norse Atlantic airways and then lost 10/25/2022 Somewhere between Norse check...
1145483 10/27/22 Clothing It is a grey down jacket from Uniqlo for men, size L or XL. 10/21/2022 Lounge Air France Term 1
1145504 10/28/22 Mobile / Cell Phone 11apple with green backking 10/13/2022 Prechek terminal 8
1145640 11/01/22 Bag I lost a grey back pack. The back pack contained the following, hygiene stuff, retainer, parallel Bible (rus/eng), blue puffer jacket, a boarding pass from Frankfurt to JFK with my name on it. (David Sidlinskiy). The backpack is similar to the one in the picture. 10/31/2022 I forgot it right after TSA....
1145664 11/02/22 Other A blue Fitbit watch, I left it in the tray at security at Terminal 5 going through security at approximately 2.30pm to 3.00pm on the 31st of October. 10/31/2022 Terminal 5 security check...
1145681 11/03/22 Memory Card / USB Flash Drive 1 TB External Samsung SSD T5 Color: Dark Grey It has a black USB-to-C cable I left it in the tray at terminal 5 going through security from approximately 1:00 pm to 2:20 pm on November 01, 2022 11/01/2022 NYC terminal 5
1145694 11/03/22 Electronics Ipad Air Gold with a black case. The screen saver has the picture of a boy with blue eyes 11/01/2022 X-ray terminal 8
1145747 11/06/22 Electronics Two laptops in a black laptop back with an orange handle Both are MacBook Pros 11/05/2022 JFK Terminal 2