ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1064197 11/23/15 Cash I lost a red passport case with $400 in cash inside. It fell out of my carryone luggage either at the Air France counter when I checked in for my flight or after putting the bag through the security and I opened it to put my coat inside. Terminal 1 11/23/2015 either Either at the Air...
1064212 11/23/15 Bag It is a green and brown Deuter Backpack, slightly worn out, with several mathematical and English books in it. Two of them are in Japanese, ガロア理論と表現論, by 黒川信重. There are also some hard drives and bunch of condoms. 11/23/2015
1064214 11/23/15 Clothing Small Men's Black coat, left at security X-ray in Terminal 4 11/23/2015 Mountain View
1064222 11/25/15 Wallet Black wallet with light brown lining, Nine West brand 11/24/2015 Terminal 5, Gate 12
1064256 11/30/15 Passport Passport, yellow fever card and other ids inside a female wallet size pouch. Pouch is a dark zebra skin colour 11/24/2015 airport arrivals or curbside
1064227 11/26/15 Toy We had a build a bear box and doll at security - and two necklaces. Left at security Terminal 5 tonight. 11/25/15 around 6:15 pm. Please let me know if you fo 11/25/2015 Security - terminal 5
1064228 11/26/15 Passport Clinton Vibert Triumph 75 tremont st hartford ct may 28 1992 traveling with dynamic airline from Georgetown Guyana to JFK airport new York city left passport with luggage security 11/25/2015 jfk security luggage check on...
1064232 11/26/15 Jewellery Gold Rolex...(I know this is a long shot).... I lost a new Gold Rolex Sub with Black Dia Dial. on the train between T4 and T2 or on the Platform at T2.... I will pay a 5000 reward for its safe return.... Please email me at m* 11/25/2015 JFK T2 Train Platform
1064306 12/04/15 Camera An old 35 mm Canon AF camera in a black camera bag with a long strap. In the front pocket was a couple of film rolls, unused, which would be 800ASA and B&W film. 11/25/2015 On the return Delta flight...