ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location
1065206 01/23/16 Mobile / Cell Phone iPhone 5 black 01/26/2014 Street Waldir Cunha, 52,...
1083245 01/14/18 Clothing Navy blue hunter college hoodie 07/09/2015
1065162 01/20/16 Electronics Motorola HZ770 Sliver II Bluetooth Headset 08/11/2015 KLM Departure Terminal at JFK
1064060 08/28/15 Other Collage of family picutres was lost at the airport. It has sentimental value. 08/25/2015
1064159 11/21/15 Clothing APC grey sweater 08/31/2015 British Airways flight -...
1064094 09/17/15 Clothing Black Fleece jacket. I have lost it either in immigration check area or customs check. 09/11/2015 Terminal 8
1064852 01/05/16 E-book reader (Nook, Kindle...) Kindle in a pink Ted Baker case lost in the Icelandair business lounge. 09/25/2015 Birmingham UK
1064311 12/04/15 Passport I HAD TO LEAVE MY "PROTOCOL" SUITCASE BEHIND ON SEPTEMBER 28TH. In the suitcase, I left my american passport. I so need this for my job. I don't care about the suitcase, but if any employee found it, PLEASE contact me at [email protected] 09/28/2015 Tijuana, Mexico
1064225 11/25/15 Passport Brazilian passport (two stapled to one another) last name SILVA CAIRES number YB055545 10/01/2015