ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1075316 06/20/17 Other Hi Could you help please. On Thursday 15th June 2017 myself and partner flew to Oslo via Norwegian Air Flight DY7002 from Terminal 1. We sat from 3pm until 6.30 in the bag processing area next to where they checked in the flight, then proceeded to the departure lounge near gate 9 and waited until 1am as our flight was delayed. We have lost a small carrier bag with three ties and two NYPD plastic cars in. These are of no real value apart from keep sakes and I am happy to pay any charge for recovering these and have them sent to the UK by post. Thank you for any help you can provide in this matter. regards Paul Manning +44 7766918073 06/15/2017 UK
1140178 04/28/22 Other Hello, I would like to file a claim for compensation for missing items from my checked bag. I reported this incident the day after I received my luggage Rome with Fiumicino. ROME-FIUMICINO has already looked into this claim, and confirmed that this issue did not take place at the Rome-Fiumicino Customs, but rather in the United States. I have included details about my flights below. Upon arriving in Rome, I noticed that my bag had been gone through, with many of my items tossed around and disorganized. As I check my belongings, I noticed several items missing. I would like to please ask for compensation regarding these missing/ stolen items asap please. Please see below for information regarding my request and claim. Thank you: The following items were missing with their corresponding values: - A Variety of High Quality Toiletry Products valuing $600 - Jewelry valuing $400 Personal Information: Dominique Kourie (858) 342 6535 [email protected] Flight Information: Confirmation # GBLHOD Ticket # 0062154361652 Mon, 04APR DELTA 358 Main Cabin (U) SAN DIEGO, CA 7:10am NYC-KENNEDY 3:21pm DELTA 6589* Economy Classic (U) NYC-KENNEDY 5:05pm ROME-FIUMICINO 7:35am **Tue 05APR 04/28/2022 New York
1141512 06/17/22 Other Grey neck pillow that fits around the neck 06/05/2022 American Airlines terminal
1142232 07/13/22 Other Black lock n lock water bottle, indescribable sentimental value. 07/12/2022 Gate 2, next to charging...
1147419 12/28/22 Other Black leather left hand glove with lines 12/28/2022 TSA area
1147864 01/15/23 Other A needle-point canvas in a bag with yarn. The canvas was unfinished. Design on the canvas was for a child’s room. 01/12/2023 Lost either on the way from...
1081790 12/12/17 Other Lost / misplaced a gray box containing a crystal 3M / Fastenal award. I will gladly pay shipping for it’s return. I lost it by gate B38 I believe I left it on the counter in the men’s room by B38. My flight was delta 449 to MSP departing 12/12 at 11:20 am 12/12/2017 B38 JFK
1090218 07/22/18 Other A painting rolled up in brown paper in the shape of a tube. Likely left it in the waiting area across from Ferigamo shop, I think gate six. There is no name or identification on the carrying package. 07/21/2018 JFK, terminal 1, likely near...
1100707 02/23/19 Other Green and black scarf 02/22/2019 EK205 Flight at the seat 88G