ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1072684 02/24/17 Tablet The Ipad Mini II has a Speck brand black case with a star on it. Once you power it on it has an airplane picture taken from inside a delta flight from ATL to AMS. This is my sons ipad mini 2 that he left on seat 43A on flight KL0641 from AMS to JFK. The screen lock requires a password to access. 02/21/2017 KLM Flight from AMS KL0641
1072594 02/20/17 Laptop MacBook Pro laptop with black cover. Left in tray going through security at terminal 8 at around 4.30pm on Sunday 19th February 02/19/2017 London, U.K.
1072567 02/18/17 Identification I lost the card permanent resident of Italy ,(Carta di soggiorno italia) name wu Cuijing. Birthday 26/12/1989 I lost in therminal 8 in airport jkf at 17/02/2017 if someone find it,I will pay for appreciate.thanks! 02/17/2017
1072565 02/18/17 Wallet Micheal kors sachet 3inch by 7 inch. Gold. It had my credit cards & ID. 02/17/2017 Probably on the delta flight...
1072550 02/18/17 Mobile / Cell Phone Samsung Galaxy s6. Lost in Norwegian fly From Stockholm Arlanda to New York JFK. Fligt number DY7005. We are leaving From New York to Orlando at 02.19.2017. Our fligt leaves New York airport. Not JFK. 02/17/2017 New York
1072511 02/15/17 Mobile / Cell Phone I lost an iPhone 5s silver on Feb 3 at the security check. 02/03/2017
1072507 02/15/17 Other Hello, My name is Rita Aschwanden, been born on October 11th, 1956 in Switzerland(Swiss) to Payerne. On November 25th, 2016 I lost or we stole me my purse from the airport JFK New York. At about 5:15 pm I went(surrendered) to toilet before returning me to the boarding gate for the flight(theft) SWISS reference: 65HB4F and when I arrived at this door, I had no more my purse in my bag. He(It) was there inside: Swiss ID card - Swiss driving licence - card(map) health insurance CPT - Card(map) insurance(assurance) to intertour-Winterthur - Regas - blood group, - buckle(loop) of oreile yet(now) yellow / white My question: you have this purse ( attached photo). In advance thank you for your answer and kind regards 11/25/2016 New York
1072495 02/14/17 Clothing On Sunday afternoon I left my black Escada coat (tag inside says "ESCADA") at the JFK ladies bathroom, Terminal 8, outside the security check. It is my most favorite coat! Inside the pocket, there is an iPhone6, on the phone case it says "wild thing". The coat is more important than the phone to me - please let me know if you found anything similar, happy to reward the honest finder! 02/12/2017 München
1072493 02/14/17 Tablet iPad with red apple case - screensaver of 3 Asian girls 01/24/2017 Terminal 7 British airways...