ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1073957 28 min 26 sec ago Mobile / Cell Phone Samsung galaxy s4 black 04/25/2017 Plain flight BA2273 form...
1073956 4 hours 36 min ago Mobile / Cell Phone Samsung S5 in a black leather casing with a small horizontal magnetic rectangle ont he right to close the cover 04/25/2017 JFK airport from flight AA141...
1073930 04/25/17 Bracelet Lost my adjustable Bracelet in Sterling Silver with 19 rhinestones. If someone finds it, I would pay the shipping and even reward the person... it's a gift from my boyfriend that I received a couple days before. Lost it somewhere between JFK and Zurich, flying with American Airlines. Thank you. 04/23/2017 JFK to Zurich
1073918 04/24/17 Laptop Mac Book Pro 04/24/2017 Coventry, RI
1073909 04/24/17 Toy my daughter's doll "buttercup" . I have been in contact with JetBlue baggage claim, but they said that they plane is still with Customs and their cleaners can't go on board to find the item. Can you reach out to customs to see if it was found please? 04/23/2017 Seat 4A between the seat and...
1073908 04/24/17 Passport I lost my French passport in the arrivals area (customs or baggage claim). I came in on American Airlines flight #45 (landed at 1:25pm on March 29th) It is a maroon passport with my name inside: Jeanne Elise DiMaira (epouse Descour) 03/29/2017 Brooklyn
1073904 04/24/17 Electronics I forgot to pick my Ipad after the security check. My ipad was put in a tray individually and it has a red cover. The time was around 7:30 pm. I was bound for Hong Kong from JFK. 04/22/2017 Hong Kong
1073900 04/23/17 Jewellery Men's watch - Jaeger LeCoutre, silver face, black leather band. Probably fell out of pocket some place between security and gate C64 around 2pm on Apr 23 04/23/2017 Terminal 2
1073897 04/23/17 Wallet Black/dark brown fold leather wallet with Driver's license, s.s, $400, birth certificate. 04/23/2017 Terminal 1