ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location
1073555 04/06/17 Wallet Black wallet. Military id and a few credit cards and cash. Name on cards is eric Dodson 04/05/2017 Terminal 8
1145836 11/09/22 Wallet It was a black wallet with credit cards inside, a driver license, a identification and cash 11/08/2022 tsa secutiry check point
1147725 01/09/23 Wallet ***VERY URGENT*** Hi T1 L&F Team - I left a small brown leather wallet/bag with a strap on the Austrian airline aircraft from Vienna to JFK yesterday afternoon after 4PM. Inside was a smaller zipper pouch [Sorrolla painting on it] I had my credit cards and my IDs there + cash. Name Zuzana Salka. I sat with my family in row 31, the middle seats together I think it's D-E-F letters. Please let me know at the earliest convenience if this was found. Many many thanks!! Zuzana 01/09/2023 Austrian Airlines aircraft,...
1079500 10/09/17 Wallet A green wallet, with my driver's license, several credit cards, and business card which has my name and contact information 10/08/2017
1082131 12/21/17 Wallet White Louis Vuitton wallet. 12/21/2017 Terminal 2 GATE 64C
1087666 05/18/18 Wallet A black mont Blanc wallet 05/17/2018 Terminal 8
1091683 08/20/18 Wallet Brown Wallet, with two cash sleeves containing UK Driving License (Andrew Childs), Lloyds Bank UK Debit Card, Chase Credit Card, Euro Cash 15 08/17/2018 T4 JFK
1092217 08/30/18 Wallet men's black leather wallet - make (Braun Buffel) lost in first class lounge at JFK. 1155 am Delta Flight to LAX Ticket # DL 7174237098 credit cards, license and medicare and insurance cards in wallet 08/27/2018 1st class lounge
1093952 10/06/18 Wallet A black passport wallet 10/06/2018 JFK