ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1131489 05/23/21 Laptop Silver Apple MAC book Air laptop within a black case and Alberto as an user, forgotten at the check security control access at terminal 7. I confirm that the laptop is at the access control point at terminal 7 but I emailed several times to [email protected] as I was asked to do but never got and answer, I also called and left a message but never got a called back, would you please check it and get back to me. Thank you Carlos 04/23/2021 Costa Rica
1131105 04/30/21 Passport Lost my USA passport 04/27/2021 Terminal 8
1131115 05/01/21 Bag Is a Brown and white pose full of my grandmother’s medication 04/30/2021 Jfk
1131316 05/13/21 Electronics Apple iPad left at custom in a bin, color silver 256GB model# MVIF2LLIA Date May 3, 2021 JetBlue flight 2163 to Sarasota Florida 05/03/2021 Custom
1131190 05/05/21 Laptop Dell XPS 15 Laptop in carrier cash with charger and mouse. Left at TSA on 5/4 around 10pm ET. Joh 05/04/2021 Terminal 4
1131212 05/06/21 Laptop Forgot a Mac Pro 16 inch laptop yesterday May 5th at 8pm at the security check on the tray after the security scan. Terminal 8 American Airlines. Light gray apple laptop with a transparent plastic cover. 05/05/2021 Terminal 8 Security Check
1131242 05/08/21 Book Black leather daily planner 05/06/2021 Terminal 5 or on jet blue...
1131263 05/10/21 Passport United States Passport, Plain with no case. 05/10/2021 Terminal 4 Second Ladies...
1131304 05/12/21 Laptop 2019 MacBook Pro 16” Grey. No stickers or noticeable decals. My name is the only login when you turn it on. Forgotten after I put it through the X-Ray at security. 05/11/2021 Terminal 5 X-Ray Security