ID Claim date Category Description Date lost Location Image
1064265 12/01/15 Bag Medium Black LeSportsac Weekender Bag: this bag has my favorite possessions in it. Please reach out if you have found it!! It was left in Terminal 2. 11/30/2015 JFK Terminal 2
1064266 12/01/15 Mobile / Cell Phone lost a samsung s6 on the way to dubai. 12/01/2015
1064269 12/01/15 Electronics I lost a blue beats headphone on thursday in the plane when i came to ny. 11/26/2015 Boeing-777
1064285 12/02/15 Passport I travelled on flight AA 2042 Seat 11E from Charlotte Gate B4 to JFK where i misplaced my passport Trinidaf and Tobago Passport # TB118892. 12/01/2015 Either Charlotte or JFK...
1064287 12/02/15 Identification Lost in JetBlue terminal either in security or gate A21 California drivers license. 12/02/2015 California
1064288 12/02/15 Identification Lost California Drivers License in JetBlue Terminal either near security checkpoint or maybe near gate A21. 12/02/2015 Cal
1064289 12/02/15 E-book reader (Nook, Kindle...) I lost my white Kobo-Glo ebook in a black leather-case which should show an image of the last ebook read "Sand" from Wolfgang Herrndorf. Further a postcard with my address in Germany and some receipt have been inside the case. I probably lost it in Terminal 4 - B28 before my flight with Delta at 7 pm on Monday evening to Frankfurt. If somebody found it I would be very thankful for an email!!! 11/30/2015 T4 - B28
1064290 12/02/15 Wallet I lost my wallet at Terminal 8, Gate 8, between 2:15pm and 2:25pm. The wallet was grey and contained CHF 290 plus change, a yellow PostFinance debit card, my KFW Swiss Insurance card as well as my emergency information. I called already Security twice, but was not successfull. I would, please, need that phone number again, because I lost it. I also need, please, the phone number of the JFK Police Department, as I need to file a report if the wallet does not show up. Thanks in advance for your efforts. PS: I do not have any pictures of that wallet 11/14/2015 Terminal 8, Gate 8, first row...
1064291 12/02/15 Keys 3 keys on a metal key ring 11/16/2015 Flight LX022, seat 6k, from...